How to Make a Great Landing Page

How to Make a Great Landing Page

A landing page is a great way to create a better user experience on your website. Why? Because a landing page immediately takes your customers to exactly where you want them to go. Having said that, it is important to keep several things in mind when designing a landing page. Here are some tips on how to make a great landing page.

1. Call to Action

Honestly, this is the most important part of the landing page. When I say, “Call to action”, I don’t necessarily mean the verbiage (although I will discuss that in a bit). What I mean is, what is your landing page supposed to have the user do? The layout of your landing page should lead a user to do what you want. Moreover, the action taken should be only one. Don’t create a landing page that allows users to download information about your product while simultaneously asks them to watch an instructional video. Focus on one thing–getting the sale, collecting customer data, increasing product awareness–and create your call-to-action (and design your page) based on that.

2. Aesthetics

The aesthetics, or the look, of your landing page is vital. You want to make your page visually appealing. However, a great landing page isn’t just about looking pretty. You need to understand that there needs to be function behind the form. If you’re trying to have users fill out a form, consider using different colors to draw attention to the form. As an example, if your color scheme is blue and gold, you may want to have the landing page be a light blue background. Then, the form can be dark blue, so your eye is naturally drawn to it. The font color can be in gold (full disclosure–I chose blue and gold because those are my hometown colors. I have no idea if they are appropriate for a business, unless your business is in my hometown).

3. Copy

Now, what should you say on your landing page? Besides hiring a copywriter, in which case email me immediately because I’m affordable, there are some things you need to consider. First, the pitch itself. When you’re crafting your sales pitch, consider what you want your customer to feel. If you own an ice cream shop, you don’t just offer great taste. You provide customers with nostalgia, with memories of childhood. Write copy that reflects this! Also, consider what you’re using your landing page for. Are you trying to have the page rank organically in Google? If so, you need to have at least 300 words. Next, you need to know if you’re using this landing page for a Google AdWords campaign. If you are, make sure the copy has keywords you want to focus on. For example, words like “local” and “expert” should be peppered into your content to improve your Google Quality Score.

4. Price

Customers don’t make decisions solely on price. However, you should always include your price. Don’t worry about scaring potential customers off with an exorbitant cost. Why? Because if they’re scared off by seeing the price up-front, they are still going to run away when they hear the price when they’re ready to purchase. Including your price helps ensure that the leads you generate are good ones, ones that are more likely to convert to sales.

A great landing page is a wonderful tool to help businesses increase sales. Create your landing page today!

Thank you for reading, “How to Make a Great Landing Page”.

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