If you’re asking yourself, “Does my business need a website?”, the answer, without a doubt, is yes. The truth is, all businesses need a website. Here are several reasons why:

1. Credibility

Here’s a scenario–you’re sick, and you need medical attention. Would you go into some person’s van in a back alley because they claim to be a doctor? Of course not! It’s these kinds of situations that are the beginning of horror stories. With this in mind, not having a website and having a small e-commerce business is the same thing. Consider this–a website may be the first interaction your customer has with your business. Additionally, first impressions are hard to overcome. So, if the first impression of a business is that, according to Google, the business doesn’t exist, then sales are going to reflect that you don’t exist.

2. Increase Revenue

Imagine being able to lie on your couch in your pajamas and sell your product to your customers 24/7. Fortunately, you can do this with an e-commerce website! A website gives your customers a chance to shop at all times. This can increase revenue. Work less and make more money–it’s the American Dream!

3. Brand Awareness

Moreover, a website is a great opportunity to clearly explain what your business does and how. In other words, your website is an uninterrupted elevator pitch with an attentive audience. You get to say what you want and how you want to say it.

4. Quality Matters

So, you’re ready to commit to a website. I’ve convinced you, expertly might I add, that it’s time to make the investment for your business. However, this doesn’t mean that you should get any website. As an example, if you want to eat seafood, you don’t order it from a gas station. The quality of your website matters! Now, you may be worried about the price of a good website. Luckily, there are good web developers that do great work without overcharging.

So stop asking yourself, “Does my business need a website?” The answer was, is, and always will be, yes.

Thank you for reading, “Does My Business Need a Website”.

Carlos J Montalvo

Carlos J Montalvo

Freelance Web Developer

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